- The Real Estate Investment Club –

Teamaction International Vision is to become a beacon for men and women who have dreams, to foster a visionary team, committed to wealth creation through Real Estate The Mission is to galvanise the collective financial potentials of selected Positive People and leverage on the immense opportunities in Real Estate, to create great wealth for all the Stake Holders; and set in motion, a success mission with no final frontier. Teamaction International is constituted as a duly registered limited liability company (since 2005).


Teamaction International comprises 7 other companies (Clubs), each also is a duly registered, limited liability company.


•ALPHA  Teamaction limited (x)

•STAR      Teamaction limited (2x)

•GRAND   Teamaction limited (3x)

•REGENT   Teamaction limited (4x)

•GOLDEN    Teamaction limited (5x)

•DIAMOND  Teamaction limited (6x)

•MEGA Teamaction limited (7x) 

These various Teamaction Clubs are separated only by their equity levels and we know you will fit into one of them.  


When fully subscribed to, each of the clubs will have only 50 members (Directors), according to CAC rules. Particulars of all the Directors shall subsequently be submitted to CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION for necessary update of the files Out of these 50, a 5-man Board is elected by the members.

Administrations & Controls

Each Club is controlled by two committees:

         (1) INVESTMENT Committee

         (2) PROJECT MONITORING Committee

The Investment Committee comprises the 5-man Board of the CLUB and the Board of Mastermarks. i.e. Board of each club + Board of Mastermarks = Investment Committee. The Project Monitoring Committee is also constituted of 5 members of the Club, who also, are elected by the members.



INVESTMENT COMMITTEE: The duty of the committee is to scout for, analyse available Real Estate Deals and decide if the club should invest in any of them; and how much of the available funds to invest in a given DEAL.

PROJECT MONITORING COMMITTEE: The duty of the committee is to monitor the activities of the INVESTMENT COMMITTEE; whether their words and actions are integrated, that is to say, whether what they tell us is what they do. 



-Understandably, there are hazards in almost every endeavour. We therefore, naturally anticipate some risks; and put in place possible checks to counter these challenges.

-Risks could be in form of:

-Poor designs and poor construction of buildings, making the houses unattractive to prospective buyers, resulting in delayed sale and reduced profit.

-Misappropriation of funds by the operatives or management which could result in lack of trust and possibly derail the vision.

-Legal tussle, arising from general lack of diligence and imperfect agreement in buying and selling of properties; resulting in loss of money and time.

SECURITIES – Addressing the risks

•These risks shall not be permitted because of in-built risk controls. 

•We have a team of professionals in various fields of the industry.

•In every project, a team approach is used, thereby ensuring that every detail is carefully considered, at every stage, thus contributing to the total quality of the finished project.

•All projects will be covered by Contractors all risk insurance policy. 

•To ensure probity and accountability, a system of accounting and records, accessible to all stake holders are always in place.

•Cost planning and cost control is enshrined at every level of the operation.

•The accounts shall be regularly audited and the results made public.

•There shall be annual general meetings in which all manners of questions shall be addressed.

•Through the retention services of legal firms, all matters of law shall be given adequate attention to ensure that there are no loopholes, before committing TEAMACTION to any agreement.

•The INVESTMENT COMMITTEE and the PROJECT MONITORING COMMITTEE work round the clock to ensure due diligence at all times and levels.

Business Concept

•TEAMACTION INTERNATIONAL shall offer premium houses at very attractive prices, thereby making our buildings irresistible to prospective buyers. Through our passion for excellence and wide experience, we shall deliver cost effective buildings, of highest integrity in terms of comfort, aesthetics, initial and maintenance cost, which will always be the toast of the market.

•With such added values, intrinsically woven into our buildings, everyone that matters would soon get to know; and that will become the selling point for our buildings and an all time advert for TEAMACTION INTERNATIONAL.

•For quick turnover of resources, we are starting with buy land, add value, develop and out rightly sell.

We are focussing efforts on buildings for the high and middle income earners, where the purchasing power is, while not neglecting the appreciable nature of properties generally, even at remote areas.                                                               


•Naturally, we expect competition from Governments, Companies and Individuals who may have interest in housing provision, but we have a unique comparative advantage.

•We have a long term vision, which shall reflect in everything we do. Through our professionalism, and the collective experience of our well-trained operatives, we shall continue to offer premium houses, with low maintenance costs, at attractive prices. 

•In line with our long term vision for continuity and superb image, we shall add moderate mark-up and count on economy of scale for our big profit. 

•These high quality houses therefore, shall be sold at very attractive prices; and by so doing, we shall have a good share of the market. 

Goals & Objectives

•Five-year goals

1.To create highly comfortable accommodations, in humane environments, which together will hold a lasting attraction, even to the highest in the society.

2.To create efficient and balanced buildings in terms of cost, aesthetics and maintenance.

3.To develop residential estates, comprising independent, mutually beneficial dwelling units, that can be separately and profitably sold, mortgaged or leased at very competitive and attractive prices.

4.To develop shopping malls, comprising independent, mutually beneficial shops and office spaces, that can be separately and profitably sold, mortgaged or leased at very competitive and attractive prices. 

5.To encourage home ownership and a sense of belonging & security in the society.

6.To create and retain public confidence in TEAMACTION INTERNATIONAL and the buildings we deliver, as a background for even more exciting and profitable future projects delivery and speedy disposal of the houses.

7.To create great wealth for all the stakeholders, while adding value to the society.

8.TEAMACTION INTERNATIONAL to transform into a strongly rooted, highly profitable, highly sort after, public quoted property company, five years from inception.



An Innovative Approach To Real Estate Investment 


•We are building a global corporation, with interest in Real Estate Investments. The Idea is to synergise with other positive, like – minded individuals, to pool resources together and invest pooled funds in Real Estate Opportunities, mostly in, but not limited to Nigeria. It is a strategic alliance, rooted in Transparency, Professionalism and Diligence

•Day to Day administration of the activities of the Scheme shall be carried out by the promoters – MASTERMARKS LIMITED  


     --- EQUITIES ---

The Various Levels Of Participation Open To Individuals According To His Or Her Personal Choice And Financial Capacity. 

•ALPHA TEAMACTION LIMITED ---         =N=300,000

•STAR      TEAMACTION LIMITED ---        =N=600,000

•GRAND   TEAMACTION LIMITED ---      =N=900,000

•REGENT  TEAMACTION LIMITED ---      =N=1,200,000

•GOLDEN  TEAMACTION LIMITED ---     =N=1,500,000


•MEGA  TEAMACTION LIMITED ---           =N=2,100,000

Whichever Category A Subscriber Chooses, One Is Free To Pay As One Prefers -- In Instalment, Over 2 Years Or At Once, For Greater Gains. 


•The Investment Committee

•The Project Monitoring Committee

•Board Of Trustees

•External Auditors

•Club Size – 50 Members

•Entrance Fee -- =N=15,000

•Equity –  To Be Paid – up Within 2 Years

•Tenure  -- Minimum Of 5 Years

•Subscription Currency – Naira

•Expected Return – Minimum Forecast - Of 50% ROI p.a.

•Dividend – 5% Of Total contribution  To Date Once Yearly

•Bonus - Access To All Mastermarks Ltd Products, At Special Family Discount For The Period MML Will Administer The Scheme.

•Advantage – Member’s Net Value Can Be Used As Collateral Against Any Borrowing With Friendly Financial Institutions 

•Subscription Payment Default – Defaulter Has 3 Months Grace To Pay Up, If Not He May Lose His Membership To Another.

•Liquidation/Divestment – Anytime With 3Months Notice And Forfeiture Of Capital Gains.

•Last Line -- Free Entry, Free Exit (conditions apply)


•We cordially invite you to team up with us and set in motion this great positive force in Housing Industry, which has great prospects for all the Stake Holders.

•Through TEAMACTION, you can break the back bone of poverty and escape the Rat Race. You can, in fact, achieve your Financial Freedom through TEAMACTION.

•You have seen this great opportunity. Make the best of it. Let us run with the vision. Team up with us! Join TEAMACTION INTERNATIONAL club, so that Together, Each of us will Achieve More!

•See You at the Top!!

•TEAMACTION INTERNATIONAL! Together Each Achieve More!! 

Welcome Aboard!     

Be at a presentation of Real Estate Investment opportunity every Saturday at  

Suite 115, OPIC PLAZA, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

Tel: 01-739645, 08033601374, 08031347089, 08033460275

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