We are in the process of building a global corporation with interest in real estate investment.  The idea is to synergize with other like-minded individuals to pool resources together and invest the pooled funds in real estate deals, mostly in, though not limited to Nigeria.  It is a strategic alliance, rooted in transparency, professionalism and diligence. 

We are to develop residential estates and business plazas/shopping malls, comprising beautiful, cost effective houses, shops and offices in humane environments; and sell them at moderate rates and count on the economy of scale to make our great profits.  We shall sell some and retain some of the properties as we grow from strength to strength.

There are various levels of participation open to individuals.  These categories are called clubs and each club is a close-ended (50 shareholders) limited liability company; and so every subscriber is a shareholder.  The clubs are identical in all aspects, differentiated only by their equity levels and a prefix.

For transparency and accountability, two committees are to be in place, both elected from the members by the members.  First is the investment committee whose responsibility it is to analyze and consider profitable, every real estate deal, before committing the club’s funds in it.  The next is the project monitoring committee to watch and confirm as true, all the investments made and all the things said by the investment committee.

TEAMACTION® is the generic name of the investment clubs.  It was first incorporated in 2005 as Teamaction International Limited, which has now given rise to a set of seven Teamaction Limited Clubs; each is to admit only 50 Shareholders as mandatory.

This opportunity therefore, is not for everyone, though it could be for anyone that is serious minded and ready to invest in real estate.  Crooked minds are not allowed!

Whichever category a subscriber chooses, one is free to pay as one prefers, in installments over 5 years or at once.  Both payment methods have their respective merits.

In Installments – Enables you to test the waters, to monitor the progress and decide whether or not to commit further funds to the scheme.

At once payment – On the other hand, enables you to have a greater share of the profit made, which is prorated and therefore, a stronger position in the company eventually.

At the end of 5 years, all these clubs (companies) will merge as one, to set in motion a great positive force in housing industry, with no final frontier.   This scheme is promoted and administered by MASTERMARKS LIMITED.  We forecast a minimum capital growth (ROI) of 20% per annum.

The details of the scheme are available in the office and on our website –   

See you at the top!