is the encapsulation of our beliefs and expectations. It is a composite name derived from MASTERPIECE and LANDMARKS. Where ever a work of Architecture appears, it naturally makes a landmark; and our commitment is to make every landmark a masterpiece, hence our love for the profession and our talent/skill in both the act and science of it, all combine to spell our name boldly as MASTERMARKS.

MASTERMARKS LIMITED is principally a design firm, and the current movement in the building industry of “Design and Build” has inevitably necessitated the inclusion of construction engineers and project managers in order to furnish an integrated professional services principally in the fields of architecture, urbanism, civil, structural, geotechnical and general construction. It is first established in 1987 as a Design Firm and later metamorphosed into a design and construction firm and consequently was incorporated as MASTERMARKS LIMITED IN 1992.

MASTERMARKS LIMITED is fully and currently registered with Federal Ministry of Works under category “D”, which is the highest category. This means we are authorized to carry out any size of construction project in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.



The firm is composed of competent professionals with wide and varied experiences in various fields of development. Our professional base proffers an ensuring depth of experience in all aspects of architectural , engineering design and planning.

Consequent upon the fact that we offer full service in architecture and engineering, the integration of many design disciplines have become our hallmark. In every project, a team approach is used, thereby ensuring that every detail is carefully considered at every stage, thus contributing to the total quality of the finished project. This is examplified in many of our projects, completed many years ago, but today, still look every inch an architectural showcase. To our numerous clients, the concept of “full services” means the convenience and practicality of working with one firm that can handle their entire task.

Architect by profession, an artist by nature and a builder by exposure. Highly experienced in design and construction. Innovative, creative, cordial with a high sense of integrity and exceptional entrepreneurial drive. He is the MD/CEO of MASTERMARKS.

Pursuant to his educational objective, he studied Building Construction at Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) obtained a Bachelor of Architecture Degree ( with honours) from University of Nigeria Unsuka. He is a member of Nigerian Institute of Architects. He studied Project Management at University of Lagos. He also attended school of Leadership at KICC and School of Estate at RPL – both in Lagos.

With a line of experience in the labour market he worked for one year with federal Ministry of Works and only two more years in the private sector of the building industry before setting up MASTERMARKS.

For two decades, CHIDOZIE UDECHUKWU has remained resolute in the building industry bringing the wealth of experience to bear on every new projects.

His personal vision is to be a great architect, with a mission to create efficient and balanced building in terms of cost and aesthetics, in human environment.



Our designs are always realistically immaculate and without any ambiguity or unnecessary ornamentation. We always strive for a balance between the initial and maintenance cost. We believe that in a building, as much as possible, the form should follow the function, giving rise to an organic architecture, the beauty of which is intrinsic.

Is to become a dynamic, greatly profitable, ever motivated, positive force in the building industry.

Is to significantly impact our society through the design, execution and provision of cost effective, premium properties, thereby sustaining the public interest in MASTERMARKS as a friendly force in housing delivery; and to create great wealth for all the stakeholders.